Tuesday, August 11, 2009

lady gaga hermaphrodite proof

So many people are searching all over the net for lady gaga hermaphrodite proof its one of the top searches. there has been so much false information about the lady gaga hermaphrodite proof. I seen a blog recently that had a fake post of lady gaga hermaphrodite proof.

The post said the lady gaga had both a penis and a pussy. this is very scary if it is true. Well the truth is there is no lady gaga hermaphrodite proof lady gaga has had no comment on the issue but the manager says its rubbish.

I personaly think she is 100% women. Lady gaga is a hotty, no man can pull of that sexy shit she does. , I am sure many men all over the world will feel insecure if the rumours about lady gaga are true. The fact she is so successful is because she is a sexy talented women. If you don't thinks lady gaga is hot you a gay. lady gaga is not a man. This is just a act of bored people that have nothing to do making crap rumours about the first nympho super star.

But if if i am complete wrong and lady gaga hermaphrodite proof comes out. Lady gaga can go fk him-her self.

Here is the lady gaga's fong kong post.

Its not something that I’m ashamed of, just isn’t something that i go around telling everyone. Yes. I have both male and female genitalia, but i consider myself a female. Its just a little bit of a penis and really doesn’t interfere much with my life. the reason I haven’t talked about it is … its not a big deal to me. like come on. its not like we all go around talking about our vags. I think this is a great opportunity to make other multiple gendered people feel more comfortable with their bodies. I’m sexy, I’m hot. i have both a poon and a peener. big fucking deal.
- L8d Gaga

This is the video they say proves that lady gaga's a man it. pervs